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The Empowered By Hope Podcast

Join two parents of amazing children with rare medical complexities, Emily K. Whiting and Ashlyn Thompson, to get help and grow with them into empowered advocates for our kids. Here you’ll find a community of support, encouragement, education and resources, equipping you to navigate your child’s medical complexities with hope.
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Recent episodes

22. The Black Hole of Pediatric Post-op: an Update on Emery and Tips for Surviving Surgery Recovery

May 16th, 2023|Advocacy Series, Outpatient, Stories of Hope|

“I can’t do everything,” and “This is going to end.” These are the two key insights co-host Ashlyn Thompson shares [...]

20. Journey toward advocacy with Ashley Milbourne, a fellow mom of a child with medical complexities

May 2nd, 2023|Advocacy Series, Stories of Hope|

Guest Ashley Milbourne joins host Ashlyn to share her story of first receiving the news of her own health challenges [...]

18. Advocating for your baby while pregnant- an interview with midwife Elaine Bishop

April 18th, 2023|Advocacy Series, Prenatal|

“You are worthy of happiness and joy in parenthood and this happening to you isn’t your fault,” today’s guest Elaine [...]

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