Preparing for your child’s surgery can be an overwhelming experience, but there’s hope and strength to be found in each other’s stories. Join us, Emily and Ashlyn, as we share personal experiences and practical tips on navigating this challenging journey, from mental and emotional preparations to taking care of ourselves and our children during the process. Discover how we’ve celebrated post-surgery victories and the milestones our children have achieved in their recovery.

Listen in as we explore the invaluable role of child life specialists, the importance of pain management plans, and the support and wisdom to be found in connecting with other families facing similar challenges. We’ll also discuss how to approach discussions with your partner and prepare for the unexpected, as well as stocking up on essentials and addressing the surgery with your child.

Throughout this episode, we’ll emphasize the significance of living in the present and focusing on each step of the journey. By the end of our conversation, you’ll gain insight into the practical aspects of surgery preparation and post-operative recovery, the emotional and mental aspects of facing this challenging time, and the incredible support that can be found in connecting with others who truly understand.

We hope our experiences and advice will bring comfort and encouragement to you and your family as you prepare for and navigate your child’s surgery and recovery.