“Feeling lost in the maze of funding options for your child’s needs? My proven system can help. I’ll guide you through a clear, step-by-step process to identify grants and foundations that match your child’s needs. Stop wasting time on dead-end searches. Gain the confidence to secure the financial support your child deserves, and free up your time to focus on what matters most.”  -Abby Zacharitz, Empowered by Hope Podcast Guest

Abby Zacharitz, joins us to share her heart-wrenching yet inspiring journey of hope and advocacy in today’s episode of Empowered by Hope. From the depths of a near-drowning incident with her toddler son, Advocacy Abby emerged as a force of support for all parents facing the complexities of raising children with medical needs. She offers a system to help families find financial backing and emotional solace without the exhaustive searches that steal precious time.

Hope can often be the strongest medicine, a theme powerfully woven through our conversation as we traverse the paths of families relentlessly pursuing treatments like hyperbaric oxygen and stem cells for their children. These aren’t just treatments; they’re lifelines, often unreachable through the net of traditional insurance. We spotlight the shared strength and ingenious resourcefulness of Abby’s community, parents uniting under the banner of Relentless Hope to share breakthroughs across diverse diagnoses.

Finally, Abby offers a beacon of guidance for parents navigating the treacherous waters of healthcare costs, and caregiving support. Her comprehensive grant coaching course delivers the tools and knowledge to secure crucial support, moving beyond the noise to address practical needs like insurance nuances and finding custom grants. It’s about teaching families to fish in the vast sea of resources, empowering them with independence and clarity. We wrap up by reinforcing our commitment to the mission of Charlotte’s Hope Foundation, inviting our listeners to engage, subscribe, and draw strength from stories that cement our belief in unity and the power of a community that faces challenges together, for our children.

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