Kristy Cook, the heart behind Accessible Adventures, dedicated wife and mother of four, joins us to share her family’s story, illuminating the joy and beauty found in life’s unexpected paths. Embracing each day with a philosophy of “I’m glad I tried it” over “I wish I had,” Kristy’s narrative is a beacon of positivity for parents who have yet to step outside society’s assumptions of life raising a child with special needs.

Take a seat at our “campfire conversation”, where Kristy recounts adventures that have not only united her family but also provided healing and personal growth. From wheelchair-accessible escapades to the creation of an online community that offers a lifeline of information and support, Accessible Adventures is her family’s answer to the scarcity of resources they once faced. With tales of their scenic travels and the impact on their family dynamics, listeners will discover just how transformative new environments and experiences can be for everyone involved.

Navigating the emotional currents of quality-of-life decisions, Kristy offers insights into the challenges and triumphs they’ve faced with their son Robbie’s medical treatments. She opens a window into the careful balance between preserving a child’s spirit and the efficacy of medical interventions, showing how trusting parental instincts can lead to moments of pure joy. As we wrap up, we’re reminded of the importance of supporting each other—just as Kristy and her husband, TJ, have done through their journey. Listen in and be inspired by the strength of a family focused on living a full life, no matter the odds.

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