Ashlyn introduces her own personal support systems, her trusted therapist, who is rose loving, and an aspiring stick figure artist (not really, but she could be!), Chelsea Cassel.  We unmask the often overlooked truth—caregivers and parents are also victims of trauma, even when they are not the direct recipients of a traumatic event. In this discussion we navigate the murky landscapes of trauma, grief, and guilt, shedding light on the varying reactions to trauma across genders. Our exploration of pain triggers and the necessary practice of processing traumatic experiences opens the doorway to how we can begin the healing process.

Between the two of us, we dig deep into the realm of emotional processing. Chelsea, with her expertise as a Marriage and Family Therapist, guides us through the healing potential of journaling, scheduling time to process, and being compassionate towards ourselves. We contemplate how trauma can take the reins of our lives, seeping into our everyday routines, and how essential it is to take back control. Towards the end of the episode, we touch on the liberating power of acknowledging our traumas and how to move forward when our bodies harbor memories that our minds might not recall.

We stressed the importance of not minimizing our experiences and admire the resilience that emerges from this process. We explore the power of self-dialogue and encourage listeners not to shy away from seeking professional help. Chelsea and I conclude by emphasizing the healing force of support and connection, advocating for self-care and self-expression. This emotional odyssey, laden with insights and revelations, is an invitation to us all. Come, join us, as we traverse this uncharted terrain together so we can take the necessary steps to free us from the strongholds of “trauma brain” and be the best advocates for our children while reclaiming our own lives.