Have you found yourself in the grasp of complete overwhelm & despair at least once (or maybe hundreds) since receiving the shock of your child’s medical challenge(s)? Does it feel impossible to find joy and acceptance in the midst of chaos and heartbreak? Join us, as we candidly share our personal journeys to acceptance, full of ups and downs, and the many surprising gifts we never could have imagined. Personal experiences, reflections, and lessons learned are laid bare, offering insights that are not only enlightening but also inspiring.

Our discussion touches on the importance of acceptance, advocacy, balancing expectations, and how adapting to new roles and realities can be REALLY hard . Hear our stories of how we have come to embrace acceptance, redefining norms, and the power of letting go of perfection. Our hope is to help you understand that acceptance is not just about coping, but it’s about transforming our perspectives and growing in the process. We share how the beauty of acceptance has allowed us to understand our children’s needs better and become more assertive in medical situations.

Lastly, we explore the freedom of embracing imperfection and letting our children explore life. Balancing parental support and a child’s independence is crucial, and we talk about how acceptance plays a significant role in this. We underscore the importance of being kind to ourselves and having a strong support network. On this journey, celebrating our children’s strengths and seeking support when needed becomes an important aspect of acceptance. So, join us on this enlightening journey of acceptance, transformation, and finding joy even in the most challenging situations.

Additional resources:
For more information on acceptance, we recommend looking into  Nobody’s Perfect: Living and Growing with Children Who Have Special Needs by author, Dr. Nancy Miller.

Parent to Parent USA: Our mission is to support a national network of Parent to Parent programs to ensure access to quality emotional support for families of individuals with disabilities and/or special health care needs.