On today’s episode, Ashlyn takes the reins while Emily navigates 12 big appointments for Charlotte crammed into 4 days. While Emily is greatly missed, this episode was so much fun to record with our 3 guests, DMI Experts & owners of Beelievability: Allie Watkins, OD OTR and Maggie Pisano, PT, DPT, along with their trusty therapy assistant, yellow lab Thistle.

The dynamic between Allie & Maggie is full of so much positive energy and passion, you can’t help but instantly be drawn to them and love their hearts for children with medical complexities.

The main goal is to introduce you to the groundbreaking therapy technique, Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI). DMI is disrupting outdated views on therapy and the belief system that children will only achieve as much as their diagnosis says is possible.

Charlotte’s Hope Foundation and BeelievAbility share the belief that it should be up to the child to tell us what they can do and not let others such as geneticists, doctors, even other families navigating the same diagnosis, place limitations on them. DMI is all about embracing that thought process and supporting each child while challenging them to reach their highest potential. As Allie and Maggie say, “The first step is Beelieving.”

Allie & Maggie go on to explain the history of DMI and the core principles that make it so different from traditional occupational and physical therapy. They describe what an intensive session entails and why they often lead to many breakthroughs at a faster pace than traditional therapy. You will hear the helpful ways they guide parents to accept and embrace appropriate goals that are the best thing for their child at that time and how to celebrate every small win like they won the lottery.

With DMI being so new to the therapy field, many families travel across state lines seeking Allie and Maggie’s expertise. You can also view the resources below to learn how to find a certified DMI practitioner in your state. While DMI intensives are not yet covered by insurance, there are opportunities for grants that can be found by searching the web.

If you haven’t hit play yet, don’t wait another second – you are going to love this episode and walk away feeling invigorated and full of hope for the future of complex medical care for our children! Please help us share this podcast with as many people as possible so we can spread the hope.

BeelievAbility is an outpatient pediatric clinic founded by co-owners, Allie (Occupational Therapist) and Maggie (Physical Therapist). We offer intensive therapy utilizing dynamic movement intervention (DMI) as a main treatment tool. Our mission is to greatly improve a child’s quality of life and empower families in a safe and caring environment. Our goal is to never give up on a child’s potential and to help guide them to reaching their greatest abilities. The first step is Beelieving.

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website: www.beelievability.com

The foundation we are on social media is:

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website: www.lightforlevi.com

DMItherapy.com – Select Registered Practitioners from the top menu to search by location. Make sure a practitioner is at a level C or higher if you wish to pursue an intensive for your child.