Imagine being 21 years old, newly married, in the middle of dental school and excited to start a family, then finding yourself in the NICU with your newborn for four months, completely unexpected. When life presented Leah Crum with the surprise of raising a daughter with extremely rare medical needs, she embraced it with resilience and hope. On our podcast, Leah shares her uplifting journey, revealing how she transformed her worldview to celebrate her daughter Camilla’s unique milestones, rather than conform to societal expectations. Her story isn’t just one of parenting through adversity but a lesson in treating oneself with the same kindness we would offer the little ones we fiercely protect.

This episode is a tapestry of real emotions, strategies, and coping mechanisms that speak to any parent facing their own set of challenges. Leah’s narrative takes us from the disarming moments of Camilla’s early medical battles to finding joy in the everyday nuances of family life that redefine ‘normal.’ Her insights shed light on the power of initiating open conversations and finding strength in community support, proving that isolation can be conquered with a proactive stance and a compassionate heart.

As we wrap up our heartfelt discussion, Leah & Ashlyn leave us with valuable takeaways on personal growth, childhood nostalgia, and the creative outlets that help manage anxiety—be it walking the dog or crafting bead bracelets. Her vibrant spirit is a reminder to listen to our needs and find solace in the things that bring us simple pleasures. Join us for this powerful conversation, where we celebrate the courage it takes to face the hard things and do so together, for the sake of the children we love.

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