Welcome to our intimate chat about the tumultuous yet enlightening journey to acceptance when parenting special needs children. We, Ashlyn Thompson and Emily K. Whiting, invite you to join us as we navigate the ebbs and flows of acceptance, a state that we revisit on a regular basis, supercharged with hard-earned wisdom and grace. Listen to our personal tales of the trials and triumphs that have peppered the landscape of our own journeys to acceptance, time and time again.

This episode has us candidly discussing the unique challenges and joys we encounter as parents to children with special needs. We share how redefining “normal” and seeking support from even our pets, such as Ashlyn’s new puppy Letty, can provide comfort during testing times. We also delve into “mastering” the art of being your child’s primary caregiver, while simultaneously grieving the dream you thought parenting would look like.  As we venture further, we touch upon the importance of letting go of unrealistic expectations, the power of advocacy, and the significance of self-care, for both ourselves and our families.

Our conversation concludes on a hopeful note, underscoring the gifts of acceptance—the miraculous ability to love our children for who they are while finding joy amidst the chaos through our evolved perspective. We reflect on our personal journeys, the struggle to come to terms with our children’s medical conditions, and the importance of maintaining a hopeful outlook even during challenging times. Embark on this journey with us to find understanding, comfort, and hopefully a sense of camaraderie.

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