Bridging the gap between children’s fear and understanding of medical procedures is no small task. That’s where our guest, Kim Flood, a child life specialist from Columbus, Ohio, steps in. Kim has been an invaluable beacon of hope in Emily’s journey, helping Charlotte find confidence and coping skills that work for her. She transforms the cold, sterile hospital environment into a safe space where honesty, play, and resilience take center stage. Listen in as we share our personal experiences and discuss the transformative power of child life specialists in pediatric care.

Navigating the medical world can be daunting for both children and parents alike. From coping with pain and traumatic procedures to advocating for a child’s needs, the challenges can be overwhelming. But Kim, armed with years of experience in multiple departments such as organ transplant floors and burn units , shows us the importance of fostering emotional well-being and maintaining a positive association with the medical environment. In our candid conversation, we explore the value of psychosocial support, the necessity and power of a coping plan, and the significance of letting children witness healthy expressions of emotions.

Finishing off our discussion, we touch upon the magic of celebrating small victories and the significance of community and support in parenting. We delve into the impact of Kim’s private practice, Bridge to Bravery, designed to navigate children and families through medical needs in their own home. Our conversation underscores the importance of community and the power of resilience in the face of adversity. This podcast is more than just a storytelling platform; it’s a resource filled with practical advice, shared experiences, and hope.

About Kim Flood: Kim Flood is a Certified Child Life Specialist. She has her MS in child development with a child life specialization.  Kim is passionate about her work with children and teenagers.  She is a mom of 3 kids. Since becoming a parent she has truly valued her child life skills when it comes to preparing kids for challenges in life.   She would be honored to work with your family to help facilitate positive coping skills.  Once certain conversational skills are mastered, she is certain your family will no longer need her expertise as you’ll have the skills to manage it on your own.

Bridge to Bravery: Bridge to Bravery offers child life services through home visiting, phone consults, and also video consulting.

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